05 February 2013

12 x Dota 2 Beta Key

Dota 2 Beta Key
Dota 2 Beta Key
Dota 2 Beta Key
Dota 2 Beta Key
Dota 2 Beta Key
Dota 2 Beta Key
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Dota 2 Beta Key

The day Valve decided to give me 7 (followed by another 5) beta keys to give away, ALL my friends already had this game and I have no one to give it to. So here i post, wondering maybe someone is searching  for a beta key on google search and has stumbled upon my near-lifeless blog.

If YOU are the one, I welcome YOU

Also, i intend to just give these away for free because I don't know what to do with them. Selling something that you can get for free is kinda a d*ck move so...

leave your steam ID (or email) in the comments, I will find, and send one to you.
1 per person. You don't wanna hog them all to yourself do you?

First come first serve. Not valid for China.

                                                                                                             by Masao-sama (steam)

27 September 2011

Visa time. Hang in there!

It's 2am now, later in the morning at 9am, i will go to middlesex office in subang again, to provide the final requirements, whatever document that hasn't been presented, and then if everything goes well, I should be able to go immediately to wisma MCA and line up to apply for my visa.

Earlier today, or yesterday (monday), i finally got my transcript from college and immediately went to middlesex office. Unfortunately i don't have all of the required document or had problems with the current document.

I almost gave up... so now I got what is needed, just gotta wait till tomorrow to settle everything.

I'm getting really low on money, but don't really wanna ask my dad for more... I think i've asked enough... how am I to survive now...

Lost SPM certificate??? can't proceed?!
   I seriously thought I lost my SPM certificate, I needed it to proceed with my application. SAE college had the copy of the original cert, which means that I must have my original cert somewhere, I thought I had lost it...

I knew my parents didn't have it, I dare not tell them I lost it, cause it is a big deal, and maybe... just maybe I thought I could get through life without my SPM cert, because I have diploma from SAE.

fortunately... my dad got my SPM cert from my secondary school... what?! it was still there?? I was very sure I picked it up in the past... and SAE had the copy of the original cert, so I really thought I had it before... it remained a mystery... my dad told me not to ask too much questions...


On a side note, I am a big big digimon fan, so I've started watching digimon season 4, Digimon Frontier!

I haven't watched it yet in the past... didn't had the chance... and at 1st, I couldn't accept the idea that they changed it to humans evolving into digimon. What happen to being partners and giving each other strength?
Regardless, I decided to give this anime a chance, let's find out what it's about.

After the 1st episode, I was actually quite dissapointed with it... they rushed everything and didn't do a proper introduction to the characters. Suddenly almost everyone came together because they 'felt' like it. Strange...

Still, I continued watching, I am now at episode 4, so far so good, it's ok, pretty standard. I won't go into much details, I'm just blogging, not doing a review. (unless it's requested)

Well, that's all for now folks! thanks for stopping by.

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25 September 2011

almost a week since...

6 days since i last blogged? forgive me, still trying to be consistent with this, haha.

Last Thursday - 22/9
I finally finished my last assignment, studio budgeting.

Actually, studio budgeting is a group project, and has too many area to cover. Basically the assignment is how to start an audio company, erm, a studio. It involves a lot of research, market, equipments, soundproofing, furniture and much more sub-topics.

My part was covering the equipment side of the project. Mixers, computer, midi keyboard, microphone, all that.

It's suppose to be a group presentation, but my groupmates is sometimes hard to reach, or that they are working and it's hard to get them to come to college all at the right time.

So, i sorted out with the lecturer and CEO, that i can do my own part, my own presentation without the others, exceptional case for me... and yeah... today i did it. It's over.

Well, almost... i still gotta finish the 3D walkthrough of the studio, it will be presented by someone else.

Last Friday 23/9

This was a very very bad day, because i finished everything, i expected to get my transcript today, but i didn't. One of the employee took half day off. Long story short, now i gotta wait till monday x.x

it was bad, it drived me nuts. But it didn't took long for me to get over it.

I had a talk with my dad, he had a talk with the UK people and whatever, to find out when exactly is too late before they decide to reject me from going to university. I think it's around 8 of October, so that's my time until then... i think i will definitely make it, but i'm still unhappy that i will miss a lot of things and being so slow and late.


now i just wanna play game, so the next update, i will talk about The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for the N64. see you in a couple of days!

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19 September 2011

Another DelaY!?

darn it, i didn't get the transcript today. furthermore, the last 2 assignments is really gonna put me in a pinch tonight.

Studio Budgeting - this is probably by far the most confusing one. it really has too much subject to cover, and it's not easy at all. i must get my part done tmr, no more delays... i have to try to understand it tonight

Digital Imaging - i'm worried for 2 photography category which i haven't covered. Candid and Sunset Silhouette. Candid pictures, i took some from my friends, but i don't know if it will be good enough. i'm missing one more sunset picture... gonna have to really find someone to take pictures from...

yes... i'm copying others work, but i really don't have a choice with my deadline this close...


18 September 2011

they came...

wow, blogger has a new control panel going on, and i realised that i actually get visitors daily on my blog. (i wonder who could it be). so if you do happen to drop by this blog, please say hi at the chatbox on the right side, you can remain anonymous if u want :) hahahahahaha.

tmr is the final of the final, this is it, tomorrow will decide everything. i had better get that stupid transcript from my college.

13 September 2011



from the bunch of the assignments mentioned below, i've now come down to 4 assignments, and i must complete 2 of them by tmr. It's driving me insane.

=i'm too lazy=

24track, surround, studio budgeting and digital imaging is left.